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Ruth Gladstone

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Mini Bio

I am an aspiring writer and an entrepreneur, who is directed by high biblical and moral standards. I am ambitious, confident, and charming.

I love photography, fashion, and modelling. I am also inspired by the world around me; this drives me to tell stories – stories about people, places, things, and nostalgia. I believe story-writing is a medium through which untold stories are uncovered. Stories are also for fun. All work and no play, they say, makes Jack a dull boy. Thus I write short, humourous stories too. Words have power, but that power lies in how tactfully and beautifully they are stitched together to create a wonderful story.


I began my primary education in Khrist Le Roi. Then proceeded to He Reigns International, where I completed my Junior High School education in 2013.

I had my secondary education at Labone Senior High School in the heart of Accra. There, I read General Arts. During my high school days, I partook in various debate competitions of which most were successful. I eventually completed Labone as the 4th Best Student of my batch.

In 2017, I enrolled in a degree program at the University of Ghana, where I read English and Psychology.


I have had the opportunity to work with various companies and organizations, including Prudential Life Insurance Company, Universal Investments and Industries, West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement, and Peep ‘n’ Learn Company Limited. Working with each of these institutions offered me a new learning experience, while honing my organisational, interpersonal, and communication skills needed in the business world.

With the abrupt digital transformation of our world today, I have developed an interest in the digital space, seeking opportunities in social media management and digital marketing.

I look forward to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the near future. I also have a strong interest in youth advocacy and career development.