A Crushed Spirit

You bury your head in your palm

with tears welled up in your eyes,

refusing to trickle down your bony cheeks,

when they finally do,

they’re accompanied by silent sobs

you’ve been strong for too long,

optimistic for what seems like forever

You count all the times you’ve acted strong

while in fact, You were crushing inside

wearing smiles to mask your pain from the outer world

Maybe being good doesn’t pay

as You were made to believe

maybe doing good doesn’t mean

you’d reap the goodness of life

you’ve done it all right from the onset

in hope of reaping all the goodness good deeds bring

but the troubles won’t cease

and your blessings are rather disguised curses

You can’t do this anymore

You pour it all out – fresh tears of pain

accompanied by loud sobs,

suddenly You lift your head up

wipe your face with the back of your palm

You conceal your pain with a faint smile

You wear your happy-face facade

you’re going to step out head high, dressed up, cheered up

with only hope in your heart,

but your spirit crushed


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