Photo credit: https://www.thephotoargus.com/beautiful-rose-pictures/

The Red Letter.

Dearest Queen, an epitome of beauty; Artistry of magnificence– You’re full of charm.

When a new day dawns, The sun rays speed up in awe, Trees sway their branches in appreciation of you before the last hour dawns;

Your innocent eyes like the dove’s, Keep shining like diamond in dim night; Your red lips are alluring, pouty and captivating,

When you spread them coyly, It sends shivers across my spine; Rekindling in me subtly an inextinguishable burning desire,

When you part your lips and speak, They’re like sweet melodies– Melodious sounds from a deep forest, and till I have heard them, I do not rest

Your presence gives me life again, As though my breathe depended on it; You’re a rose among thorns, and to have you, I will bear the pain;

I may not deserve your love, but I have become intoxicated by my love; Until you quench this burning desire, I will forever thirst for your love–

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